Hooters Casino in Las Vegas

Everyone is familiar with the Hooter’s theme – the familiar orange color scheme, the owl mascot and pretty girls scantily clad. For those who are fans of the wings and restaurant, you will certainly love playing at the Hooter’s Casino.

The Hooter’s Hotel and Casino is based around a tropical, fun-loving theme. That theme is carried out in their rooms, to the pool bar and to the casino itself. Staff is friendly and the casino is situated just a block east of the strip.

Added to all this while you are gambling you get served drinks by the Hooter’s girls. Hooter’s Casino opened in the beginning of 2006 making it one of the newer casinos in Vegas but its well known name and value service has quickly made it a popular destination choice.

Hooter’s has a great atmosphere to play in but you wouldn’t be here if the games weren’t great – and they are. Slots are among the most popular of games at any casino and Hooter’s makes sure to bring the most popular titles including Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly along with other slots games exclusively designed for the Hooter’s Casino.

Whether you want a few games of a regular jackpot slot or a progressive jackpot you will find what you are looking for here.

If you prefer the more traditional table games such as blackjack, and slots or even roulette, there is something for you.

Hooter’s even has round the clock $3 blackjack for those who love the game but don’t want to play for high stakes. There is a live poker room available in a fun and fast paced atmosphere.

Rooms open at 2 pm and you can join in on tournament play starting a 6 pm. You can even bet on your favourite sporting events at Hooter’s with their full sports book.

Hooter’s Casino makes sure to reward their players and entice people to join in on the fun with fantastic contests and giveaways held regularly. In addition, their Owl Rewards Club is easy to use and up front.

You can sign up when you arrive at the Hooter’s Casino or online. It can be used at slots, video poker and table games for specials, rewards and discounts. The more you play, the more points you earn.

These points can be accumulated and cashed in for prizes including meals, hotel stays and more. Win a T-shirt to commemorate your trip or play often for a chance to win a 7-day cruise.

Keep in mind, though, all rewards have to be used within a year and a half of earning them or they will be lost.

Hooter’s is a fun casino with a variety of different games. It is perfect for the person who wants a casual, comfortable environment to have some fun in.

One of the notable features of Hooter’s is that it has a lot of budget type games geared toward those every day players who want to have fun for a good long time instead of those who want to drop a fortune.

Of course, there are high roller stakes too but if you want an average staked game in a fun place, this is the way to go. Hooter’s is also among the smaller Vegas casinos and this lends charm and personality to the place.

The staff at Hooter’s is friendly and helpful to make sure your stay is as pleasurable as possible.

From the casino hosts to the cashiers, you will have a great time interacting with the staff and an even better time playing the games. If you choose to stay at Hooter’s Hotel, you will be in for a treat because it is one of the less expensive hotels in the area.

You get to indulge in some world famous Hooter’s hot wings, play slots, poker and table games in the casino, lounge at the pool even in winter and all the while being served by the beautiful Hooter’s girls. What’s not to love?


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