Dare Devil Slot Machine

Video slot machine from Playtech

The Superhero slots from Playtech, like Incredible Hulk are really popular online and we have a free version. One thing to remember with the free game, is that it sets the play at a high denomination meaning your funds can run out quickly. To change this, just reduce the amount per line and you will get more free play.

Daredevil Slots

If you manage to get the target symbol on the evil Bullseye character, then that will give you a multiplier on any line win. Sounds very simple, but actually there are a few twists that make it really exciting as a bonus.

Another cool bonus feature in Dare Devil slots is free spins bonus. Again, like the bullseye bonus, Playtech have made is much better than the average free spins feature you get on most slots.

The free spins sees every single character symbol become wild. That's a huge number of wild symbols and when you hit the free spins, it means that essentially you are guaranteed a good win. You would have to be very unlucky not to get a decent win on this free spin bonus.

This game does have what I think is a horrible sound whenever you hit the spin, sounds like a big squelch and is way too loud compared to the game noises and music. Maybe it's just me that dislikes it, though?


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