David Copperfield Slots

Video slot made by Bally Technologies

Usually, I wince when I see a big brand name on a slot machine, as quite often they substitute the draw of the name, for the game play. David Copperfield slots is actually a very good game to play with some unique features, amazing sound and graphics as well as plenty of interesting bonus features to enjoy.

The game itself is very much in the Michael Jackson style, with the purpose built chair, amazing sound effects with built in speakers in that chair and of course, that wonderful spinning wheel bonus.

David Copperfield is a progressive jackpot game and as with many games like that these days, you need to play max bet to get a chance of winning that jackpot. This is a bit of a shame, as it means if you just like to play for entertainment, playing 50 cents per spin, then you will not be getting the full payback that you would playing max bet.

The death saw bonus gives you a chance of a jackpot and you get onto that on the spin the wheel feature.

The levitation free spins bonus has a really cool touch, where the first free spin gives you just reel 5 wild, then it's 4 and 5, moves from right to left, so the next one is 3 and 4, with the final free spin giving just reel 1 as wild

One of the nicest features in David Copperfield Slots, is the wild bonus. With this, you get stacked random wilds appearing on the screen, very much like the Glenda the Good Witch bonus, in Wizard of Oz.

When you hit the Wild Bonus feature, the sense of anticipation as the stacked wilds start to come in is incredible. Get one or two and you might get a good win, but get 3 or 4 and you could be looking at a major win. So, you just wait and wait hoping that they keep triggering.

Most of the time, the wild feature gives you one or two, but when it hits 4 stacked wilds on the same screen - wow, that's really nice!


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