Godzilla Las Vegas Casino Slots Online

Godzilla slots

Video slot released by IGT

Produced by IGT, Godzilla slots is a high adrenaline game. The game play in Godzilla slots is accompanied by a heart-pounding pumping tune that makes you feel like you in the fight scene of a major Hollywood movie. If you love the movies, you will surely love this slot machine game too.

Godzilla slots

There are various versions, depending on the story-line you wish to follow. So, you can play Godzilla vs the military or you could choose to partake in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

At random moments during the game you could see a butterfly appear and with it, you will receive random wilds, multiplier wild symbols or stacked wild depending on how the butterfly flies

The big bonus game sees a battle commence. You may, for example start off by directing Godzilla through the city, gaining points as you destroy buildings. Then you may be invited to attack the military, again the more you destroy, the healthier your bank balance begins to look.p

There are also jackpot symbols, five in a row will see you hit the big prize (a huge prize up to a million)

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