The Incredible Hulk Slot Machine

Video slot machine from Playtech

The Superhero slots from Playtech, including Incredible Hulk are really popular online and we have a free version. If, when you play Hulk slots, you find that your funds run out quickly, you might be playing too much per spin. To change this, just reduce the amount per line and you will get more free play.

The Hulk Slots

Like a lot of the games from Playtech, it is clear that they paid a lot of attention to detail here on the Hulk slots. The lines on the game are very easy to differentiate from each other.

In other words, you can tell good wins from bad easily, as the reels come in - something that some slot makers fails on, when they make all the symbols look similar in style to each other, rather than making the low-pay lines and high-pay lines look different enough to tell apart whilst the reels spin.

There are also a lot of decent bonus games to play and all of the are again, very polished and fun to play. The Hulk slots is much more like the modern video game slots you get in Vegas, but without the video clips.

One of the cool things about these Playtech slots, is that if you are playing and then go to another window in your web browser, the music and sound effects disappear, only coming back when you go back to the slot window.

This is great for multitasking, where you are taking a break to play the game in between sessions of work, or searching the web for stuff.

The only thing I am really not too keen on about Hulk slots, is the noise when you hit the spin button. I know that there are a lot more settings that you can adjust if you play in an online casino, rather than the free version, so maybe you can change it if you are in a casino?

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