Katana Slot Machine

Novomatic casino slot / fruit machine produced by Gaminator

Shogun is one of the more popular games you will find in UK casinos, based on ancient Japanese warrior culture. Or is it Chinese? Excuse my ignorance on that one. Whatever, the game is really good fun and is especially good if you can hit the free spins and 'Shogun' bonus feature.

Katana Fruit Machine

The best symbol to get in Katan slots is the guy - I think he is a prince, but actually he looks to me like Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon. He also seems to work as a wild man (wild symbol) in his spare time.

The bonus feature, like many other Gaminator slot machines, is a free spin round. You get 10 free spins. Katana though, does have bit extra when it comes to the bonus round, in that you also get a Shogun round too.


Did you know?

The Katana (刀) refers to a traditional sword used by the Japanese (日本刀 nihontō) - these swords were used by samurai warriors and are also referred to as "samurai swords"


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