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Monopoly Slots

Video slot released by IGT in 2005

Monopoly must be the most popular video slot machine in Vegas over the last ten years along with the Wheel of Fortune slots. Of course, the famous board game, being to do with making money and being such a cult classic that we all know from childhood is a brilliant idea for a slot machine game.

Free Monopoly Slots

The classic Monopoly slots has been in Vegas casinos for over a decade and it is still one of the most loved games. Over the years there have been dozens of version of the Monopoly slot machine, each of them having their own unique features

Here, we have a classic version that you might not have seen in Vegas casinos for a while, but if you were playing slots in Vegas five years ago you might recognize it. It's a nice game with a superb bonus feature based on the monopoly board

Monopoly Slots in Vegas

As you would expect, every casino in Vegas has monopoly slots. In fact, most casinos don't just have one or two machines, but they can have dozens. Monopoly comes in all sort of different formats, including three and five reel versions, video slots, mechanical reels and all sorts of different combinations of those.

There are also versions attached to spinning wheels, like the famous Wheel of Fortune and also versions attached to huge progressive jackpots, like the megabucks, which can give out prizes in the many millions of dollars


Monopoly Slots Bonus Rounds

Given that there are so many different styles of Monopoly slots in vegas, it's hard to simply describe "The" bonus round. There are just so many!

But, probably the most famous and most loved of all of the monopoly bonus rounds would be the monopoly bonus board. This feature sees you rolling the die and collecting prizes along the way. In some version of the game, you also get things like community chest and chance cards which could be good or bad.

You also get to go to jail, which in some games is a good thing and some it's a bad thing. Many of the 'go to jail' features allow you the chance to roll a six to get out and if you do mange to luck-out and get that six, then you will win a big cash prize.

The Monopoly slot game shown in the video is one of the newer versions. It's kind of a cross between a mechanical reel slot and a video slot. The reels themselves look and feels like the mechanical reels, whilst the whole screen is in fact a video slot overlaid that mechanical reel. It's the big new version that has been at all the big gaming shows over the last two years, but still in the Vegas casinos it never seems to be that popular.

Personally, I still see more people playing the older versions, than the new ones, even though this one looks really cool. It can only be a matter of time before they get it right with this new monopoly slot concept, using the 'transmissive reel' (as they like to call them) and I'm looking forward to some newer version with great gameplay as well as the graphics