Paradise Fishing Slots Online Vegas Game

Paradise Fishing Slots

Video slot made by Aruze Gaming

Paradise Fishing is a huge community gaming slot made by Azure Gaming. The game features a massive shared screen which gives the chance for multiple-players to compete against each other in the fishing bonus. The game is getting quite old now, but is as popular as ever in Vegas.

Paradise Fishing Slot Machine

I seems that quite a few gaming companies have now got into the fishing theme. As far as themes go, fishing does appear to be incredibly popular and this slot is bound to be a big hit.

The regular slot play is fairly standard 5 reel fun, with a few bonus features thrown in for good measure, including wilds, free spins and all those other things you might expect to get in a new, modern slots

However, it's the fishing bonus that takes the slot experience to a new level, as players compete with each other to catch the most fish.

Which fish you ask? They appear to be mackerel, although they might be sardines - what do I know?

As the bonus game progresses, you take on each other in a leader board and the best players of that days fishing might also be featured on that board

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