Pirate Battle Slots

Video slot made by WMS

A new game from WMS based on a pirate theme. This is yet another very big game with big dual screens - these screens seem to get bigger every year. There is one screen for the slot itself and one for the bonus features. The thing that strikes me about Pirate Battle slots is just how much fun it is to play.

Pirate Battle Slots

One of the main features are the big bonus games where people sitting at different seats can battle each other for prizes.

One of the bonus battle games sees both players on the left of the (4seat) block of machines fight in a pirate ship battle against each other.

During the initial battle shots are fired from left to right and then the other way around, knocking off bonus points. The side with the most points wins the game and they then get to go onto an extra bonus pick, so both players would win more than their counterparts sitting the other side of the machine

This game could prove popular with groups of friends all sitting at the machine, competing against not only the casino, but also against each other as well.

The version in saw had a massive minimum wager of 75 cents, despite being billed as a 'penny slot'. This might be a common trend in gaming over the next few years, as games get bigger, brighter and more powerful, the bet size gets larger and larger. Maximum bet size was 375 cents.


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