Sex and The City Slots

Video slot released by IGT in 2005

This is a huge new blockbuster of a slot from IGT, which is absolutely massive in both size and features. This version seats four people all in a row and has a huge shared video screen as well as two screens for each of the players. Lots of bonus games to keep you amused, this is a cool new slot from IGT.

Sex and The City Slot Machine

It would be easy to think that this game is mostly played by women that love the show, but surprisingly it is not. It is actually very popular with men as well as women. All you have to do is walk around the Vegas casinos to discover that this is the case.

The reason why so many people love this game is plain and simple, because it is a good slot with good, fun bonus features. That siad, the Sex and The City slot machine is not for the feint-hearted - it costs a whopping $3 per spin on minimum bet in most of the versions I have seen.

When I play this game, I tend to put just $20 in and hope I get a good win at the beginning so I can enjoy an extended play. More often than not, though, I lose it very quickly and play a different, less costly game instead.


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