Poppit Slots

Video slot made by Bally Technologies

Poppit is a cute and charming game with a party balloon theme. The game itself is pretty much a standard five reel slot machine game, but there is quite some appeal from the way the game plays - when you get a winning line, you see the balloons start to pop and even more in the bonus game

Poppit Slots in Vegas

Originally, the poppit slot came from a computer game that was really popular around two years ago (and still is today).

The fact it was loved by so many people meant they decided to try it out as a slot machine and it really took off. This game is made by Bally and the game style is also known by some people as pogo

You will find poppit slots in just about all the casinos in Vegas (or indeed, Atlantic City, or where ever your local casino is).

The funny thing about the game is that although it is just a standard slot, 5 reels, one bonus round, it is really compelling to play and you can find yourself on it for longer than you would ever have thought possible for such a basic game

My personal favorite is the penny slot version, as you can play it for hours and get a lot of entertainment without playing too much money. In that way, this game is similar to some other classics like the famous alien slots, the fun jackpot party slots and the cute Texas tea slots


Poppit Slots Bonus Rounds

In the bonus round, you have a load of balloons that you must pop to win points. The more balloons you pop, the more credits you win. If that sounds simple, well the good news it is and sometimes it is fun to have a lovely simple and beautiful game to play.

When playing the bonus round, I've noticed that my wins are quite often less big than the wins in regular play, but the bonus is still fun, so well worth playing, even if it hasn't provided me with that elusive big win yet.


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